Who We Are

Independent Aviation Advisers

Established in 1993 AviPro aims to provide professional expertise in management and safety related issues to both end users of aviation and the aviation industry in general. AviPro became a member of the Resolution Response Pty Ltd (Resolution Response) group in 2016. More info about Resolution Response can be found at www.resolutionresponse.com.au.

Aviation is a highly sophisticated, technical and regulated environment. Continual updating on the many issues involved is imperative. AviPro has the depth of knowledge and experience to assist aviation management to bridge that gap.

Each member of our team has a wealth of aviation experience and maintains both operational and engineering currency, with ATPL/IR and LAME qualifications covering from the smallest to the largest fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Our Services

AviPro can advise on the appropriate aircraft for the task based on load to be carried, pick up and drop points, performance and technical support.
Aircraft consulting services include:

* Aeroplane and Helicopter Selection and Operations
* Performance Evaluations
* Component Evaluations

AviPro can support design engineers and architects in the development and planning for the construction and operation of airports, heliports and helipads, either at ground level or elevated by providing input on the aviation regulatory requirements for such sites and the operational needs that should be accommodated in the design process.

AviPro has supported the design, construction and commissioning of heliports and helipads across Australia as well as aerodromes in several countries Papua New Guinea and Laos.

AviPro can develop and manage aviation projects, be they short term tasks or long term contracts.
AviPro can identify, assess, minimise and manage risk, undertake Risk Analysis, and advise on appropriate Safety Management Systems. We can develop bespoke safety manuals and related documentation to enhance your business integrity.
AviPro has the team and experience to manage the transition of ex-military aircraft onto a civil aircraft register. We have planned the transition of Firehawk, CH47 and C130 aircraft and we have current and relevant stakeholder contacts to achieve the desired outcomes subject to regulatory permissions.
AviPro can assess staff requirements, prepare staff selection criteria and assist with staff selection.

* Flight Crew
* Engineers
* Ground Crew
* Safety Staff

AviPro can advise on the infrastructure, training and equipment requirements relative to specialist roles. These include but are not limited to;

Air Ambulance
Dropping of Articles

AviPro has expertise in a wide range of specialist helicopter activities.
These include but are not limited to;

* Emergency Medical and Rescue
* Marine Pilot Transfer
* Sling Loads
* Fire Bucket
*Cold Weather
* Dangerous Goods
* Wet and Dry Winching

AviPro has experience in the preparation of a wide range of documents from aircraft check lists, through contract documents to operations and maintenance manuals. These include but are not limited to:

* Tenders and Contracts
* Operator and End User Safety and Procedures Manuals
* Maintenance Procedures and Control Manuals
* Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs)