Steve Graham
Managing Director

A professional aviation executive with current and relevant experience in senior management, contingency and logistics operations positions in the corporate, government and emergency services sector. Steve has over 43-years aviation experience with proven performance in the fields of operations facility delivery, change management, leadership, business development, training and capability development, with a focus on aviation operational delivery, program management and logistics type operations.

Jim Murray

With safety incident investigation, accounting, legal and company secretarial qualifications, Jim has experience in private practice and as a partner in major legal and accounting firms and operating his own legal practice. He is a qualified safety manager and safety investigator and a certified lead auditor (integrated management systems). Jim retains senior and relevant Australian Government contacts in the international business and commercial areas. Jim leads the business safety management area.

Graeme Wright
Senior Consultant

Graeme provides comprehensive helicopter and aeroplane experience and in particular, the design and development of HLS Policy and the implementation of these standards within the region’s growing helicopter culture. As an experienced helicopter pilot, Graeme has developed standards that have become ‘best practice’ Graeme is a certified Lead Auditor and BARS accredited. With over 50-years aviation experience, Graeme has built key business relationships with Government agencies, the national regulator and helicopter operators worldwide.


AviPro has a team of highly experienced SME’s with lead auditing, safety auditing and LAME skills that can be called on where required.